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Paid Search for Furniture Case Study

The Original Bedstead Company is a UK based retailer providing bespoke handmade beds nationally. With over 20 years experience retailing mattresses and beds they offer a wide variety of products in a range of finishes from brass, iron, wood and upholstery.

The Problem

In a particularly competitive space against big brand competition including: Argos, Ikea, Next and Amazon, incremental growth and efficiency improvements are key. Our objective was to grow conversion volumes within the existing budget.

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The Solution

We inherited a legacy Google Ads account and after auditing and reviewing the tracking, audiences, ad copies and URLs we began restructuring the account. PPC optimisations included:

Account level negative list & N-Gram analysis saw a 5.1% reduction in Cost/Conv

Leveraging our internal scripts we were able to identify high cost and low converting phrases that can be hard to identify using traditional keyword mining tactics. This allowed us to reduced the wasted spend and reallocate to low cost high converting terms.

Campaign Restructure achieved 36.1% increase in conversions

Over the years Google Ads keyword match types and Ad Group functionality have changed drastically. The setup that worked best for advertisers in 2018 is very different to the best practice we follow in 2023 and major updates were implemented in this account. Updated routing negatives, campaign setups, targeting, locations and ad extensions were just a few examples.

Performance Max Campaign resulted in a 66% reduction in Cost/Conv

As a Google Ads Partner agency we were provided access to Performance Max as a BETA test for e-commerce accounts in the UK. This allowed us to test the latest campaign type using Google's recommended structure alongside our Shopping campaigns.

Following the creative, asset group, listing group and audience signal guidance we delivered a significant reduction in Cost/Conv.

Following these initial improvements to the account we regularly implement daily, weekly and monthly optimisations:

  • Account health checks: Monitoring ad copy, keyword and site link approval statuses. These are fixed or appealed daily to ensure minimum downtime.
  • Keyword Mining: Traditional search query reviews alongside quarterly N-Gram analysis keep us ahead of new trends and ensure budget efficiency.
  • Bi-Weekly & Monthly Reports: Regular communication with the client allows us to support growth depending on stock levels, production limitations, best sellers and seasonal promotions.
  • Ad copy testing: Ensuring Ad Strength and Quality Score are internal KPIs for the team.
  • Audience Optimisation: Identifying high value audience baskets to prioritise across Dynamic Remarketing or RLSA campaigns.
  • Budget Pacing: We ensure that our activity is pacing correctly and delivering results within the guard rails set by client - target Cost/Conv or target ROAS are common examples

If you would like support scaling your e-commerce store with a Google Ads Partner agency please do get in touch.