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Scaling eCommerce With PPC & SEO Case Study

Our international partner EV Connectors, retail an extensive range of electrical vehicle charging cables and accessories. With increased competition from DTC companies and startups, Pattrns were tasked with scaling revenue through increased sales volumes.

The Problem

Having left their previous SEO agency who over-promised and under-delivered, EV Connectors came to Pattrns with the following goals and objectives:

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Ensure the websites performance and architecture is as optimal as possible
  • Establish SEO as an additional traffic source with the goal of higher revenue
  • Achieve profitable increase in organic traffic within 6 months
  • Improve keywords, content and internal link structure

The website required major improvements across all three key components of SEO:

  • Technical fixes and enhancements
  • Improved internal linking
  • Keyword research, on page optimisation and new content

The Solution

Our team of experts increased sales by 15% in just 3 months.

Analysing the the existing PPC account, we found a number of opportunities for immediate growth, with new product adoption and best practice implementation. These included:

  • Responsive Search Ads - 53% increase in CTR

Utilising the latest Google Ads formats enable at scale ad copy testing. With 15 headlines and 4 descriptions included in the RSA format, over 40,000 ad variations are available to test. This updated delivered a 53% increase in Click Through Rate (CTR). A continual Test & Learn approach has now been mapped out for the next 12 months to continue to compound these improvements.

  • Shopping Campaigns - 15% increase in sales

Google Shopping is a valuable campaign type for all eCommerce stores and allows users to digest price, brand and product aesthetics at a glance. A strong visual ad format on Google for driving purchases. This campaign type now drives an additional 15% in sales volume each month. With continued feed optimisation and promotions we forecast this to increase to 25% additional volume.

  • ROAS Bidding Strategies - 10x ROAS

After an in depth technical measurement review and Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce implementation we were able to close the data loop between pre and post purchase signals. Pushing post purchase data including category, make, model and revenue allows us to further optimise our bids at the time of auction. Using machine learning and bidding strategies we can now deliver ads to the highest value users. With this increased media efficiency ROAS has scaled from 4x to 10x.

After implementing the strategies above, we have seen an immediate increase in organic traffic by 10% and an incremental increase in organic revenue by 18%.

If you would like help with PPC or SEO please don’t hesitate to get in touch.