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PPC Agency Summary

PATTRNS are a performance first Paid Search agency with 10+ years experience across the full spectrum of Pay Per Click platforms. Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Tik Tok Ads, Google Shopping & many more. As an award winning PPC agency with Google Partner, Microsoft Partner and Shopify Partner status we know a thing or two about driving revenue for brands online.

Paid Search forms the cornerstone of most brands' digital marketing activity. Typically used to capture existing demand for products or services with keyword based search campaigns. It is often viewed through a short term performance lens. Our team adds value by ensuring all channels are reviewed through a short and long term lens. Leveraging Paid Search and PPC to drive incremental growth to a business.

How we use Paid Search

  • Data Driven Campaigns
    • Deep discovery is essential to  successful and impactful Paid Search campaigns. Who is the ideal customer? Why do you stand out from the competition? What pain points do you solve? PATTRNS will translate this into bids, keywords, campaign types and bidding models.
    • Keyword research, competitor analysis, user journey mapping and landing page environments are all completed ahead of a Paid Search campaign build.
  • Google Merchant Centre Feed Management
    • Feed management and optimisation has a significant impact on revenue and visibility across Facebook, TikTok, Bing and Google. Ensuring accurate and optimised product data is available to the platforms through your feed is often overlooked.
    • Feed and product structure supports the performance of Shopping Campaigns (PLA), Demand Gen, PMAX, DABA and DPA activity.
  • Testing & Optimisations
    • Paid Search provides a plenty of variables to test, refine and optimise. From Ad Copy, Extensions, Asset Groups, Bidding Strategy Targets, Search Terms, Assets, Audiences, Bidding Models, New vs Repeat Customer % and many more. Regular and repeatable testing is a key factor to our Paid Search success.

Global Reach

Paid search provides access to a global audience of high intent users. Whether this be on,, or the opportunity is vast. Strategies may differ between platforms but the opportunity remains the same. Users are looking for your solution or product, be there when they need it.

Revenue Generation

As a traditional performance channel, the platforms have developed a variety of products focussed on revenue generation. Examples include Performance Max as a multi network conversion optimised campaign solution or Pinterests ROAS optimised Catalogue/Collection ad types. Whether looking to drive revenue from initial customer acquisitions or over a longer term by leveraging Life Time Value bidding, Paid Search has an option.

Google Ads Basics

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