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Growing a Customer Base with Paid Social Case Study

Matches is a global luxury e-commerce platform, shipping to over 200 countries. The business operates online and via three stores in London, England. Since December 2023, Matches has been owned by Frasers Group.

The Problem

We worked with a global luxury retailer, valued at $1 billion, striving for high value users and greater returns on advertising spend.

Following an in depth audit of the existing pixel, catalogues, audiences and campaigns, Pattrns proposed a 40 point action plan to provide digital transformation at a fast pace. Pattrns created a bespoke measurement framework to align with the business goals.

Comprehensive dash-boarding solutions were implemented to communicate the impact of paid social and to answer the following questions:

  1. How are campaigns performing against the marketing funnel objectives?
  2. How do paid social channels impact the bottom line?
  3. Who are the highest value audiences and where are they?

The Solution

We achieved an 87% increase in Paid Social AOV.

Utilising Pattrns’ extensive Paid Social expertise we saw a significant improvement in revenue, ROAS and AOV following a complete rebuild of the account, audiences and product feeds. We were able to achieve:

  • +142% increase in conversion rate
  • +131% increase in Revenue  
  • +86% increase in transactions

By leveraging the first party data available we were able to tailor the user journey from product view to product purchase allowing us to focus budget on users with the highest propensity to convert.

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